Monday, December 30, 2013

Writers Need Rewards

It's been said writing is its own reward, but let's face it, sometimes we need just a little bit more to keep going.

There are days it takes all my energy just to get to the end of a chapter or blog post. I wish I could hold out clear to the end to feel that sense of accomplishment, but it helps me to break down my writing goals into smaller milestones and give myself a mini-reward. Somedays it's the end of the chapter, somedays it's the end of a paragraph. I'd be lying to say I've never needed a reward at the end of a sentence!

Whatever your writing milestones are, this will help:

The Leaky Pen Writer's Reward

There's nothing like that little sweet reward, that naughty little sugar rush to push you on! When the jelly beans are gone, refill it with whatever motivates you.

And if you're not a writer maybe it's your significant other or family member who is the writer and needs a little incentive.

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