Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cursive? What's that?

For those of us who frame our thoughts best with our pens on paper, this is sad news.

Margaret C. Galitzin wrote an article about the decline of cursive writing in our modern school systems. "Learning to write a beautiful, flowing, cursive handwriting is simply “irrelevant” in the modern world."

"It was kind of cryptic." Words from a girl trying to read her grandmother's journal.

Be sure to read the whole story here:

Leave a comment! If you learned to write in cursive, do you still use it now?


  1. I definitely still write in cursive - and in print, using pens on paper. I sometimes switch back and forth between the two from line to line or word to word, but I would say most often when I do take time to sit down and write (rather than type) cursive flows more freely than does my choppy printed handwriting. I certainly plan to pass on to my children the art of reading & writing personalized, flowing cursive scripts.

  2. The practical side of me understands why they wouldn't push cursive for kids, but the part of me that loves art and history is sad that kids might not be able to read cursive anymore. I might have to spend a summer teaching my kids about it. As for the textspeak mentioned in the article, I've heard that the popularity of smartphones has moved kids back toward typing full words again. It'll be interesting to follow the trends in coming years and see what happens.

  3. I don't write in cursive much myself. My handwriting has become a blend of different styles. Regardless, I love watching words forming at the tip of my pen, it's magic!