Saturday, June 22, 2013

Leaky Pen Cartoons

A main feature of the original Leaky Pen publication was the cartoon about the writer's life. The character started as a nondescript, balding, middle-aged man (who eventually acquired the name "Henry"), and his wife. They were single-panel cartoons with captions.

Ultimately I drew the Leaky Pen cartoons for myself. I wasn't trying to please a client or anyone else. Each cartoon made me smile—from the moment the idea first came to mind, to when it was inked on paper. Even now, thirteen years later, they make me smile.

And since I've seen others enjoy them as well I wanted to find a way to make them available on different products, like mugs, shirts and whatnot. Now, thanks to these times we live in, I've found a way! Here's a link to The Leaky Pen's Zazzle store where you can get the cartoons on a bunch of stuff. I hope they make you smile too.

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